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January 23, 2003
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Transient Time pg 02 by bluestraggler Transient Time pg 02 by bluestraggler
Yayy~ page 2~~ ^___^ Worked all night til 4am to finish this.. x_X;; So here li'l tseng is.. running from a bunch of japanese men. For what reason, you will find out in the next page. ^^ Or mebbe the one after... c_c;; Anyways, yes, i substituted pencil for tone. Though i do have some i don't know how to use it and it doesn't stick as well anymore. ^^;; Pretty messy but i'll probably get cleaner as i go along. I'm keeping cg to a minimum cuz i can't cg to save my fat ass. Sheepish Fret not people, we'll finally be able to see li'l tseng's *whole* face on the next page. ^^;; Gotta work on those speedlines. *nod* Once again, COMMENTS PLEEEAAAASE!!!!!! *kowtow, salaam, bow* m(_ _)m

The Turks, Final Fantasy VII (C) Squaresoft
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Nice motion and action. I sit waiting for more.
Thanks ^0^ But er well.. *twiddles fingers* you're in for a long wait cuz i'm on a long doujin hiatus right now > _X;; I keep telling myself that i should at least *work* on it slowly but it's not happening T__T I started the 3rd page like, half a year ago. XD;;; But please do keep prompting me cuz i gotta be reminded that i need to do this. u_u;;
Hahaha, I'm in the same boat. One and two all finished, three halfway done for almost a year. Didn't help that I ran out of screentones.
Whoa you use screentones?? Coooooll~ OoO My kouhais got me a few sheets 2 years ago but i never got around to using them properly.. *eyes cracks on the floor* Too difficult ^^;;; I just go w/ the cheapskate pencil tone-ing, and now that i have photoshop, i'll probably use that too. ^^ Good luck on your doujin!! ^0^
Yeah, got 'em both posted up now. Take a peek iffin' you're interested, but with only two pages there's not much of a story yet.
wow... you draw so damn well! tseng is so cute! (draw more of this - now!)
You've done real well on your perspectives and the flow of the action's really good. The speed lines are really weel placed, tho the speed lines on the two biggest panels could be nicer if they were a widdle bit longer. :) (Smile)

Body proportions are good, but, be patient with the hands, they are the most difficult part of the body to draw.

Bullet; Red Cross-thatching lines

Try to keep the begginings of thatch lines (the lines substituting for shadows) connected to the panel's frame. This makes for a solid feel in each panel.

Bullet; Red Panelling

Similar to what tonberryjames said; try to place a little spacing between your panels (either a deliberate white spacing or just color it black). :p (Lick)

Be creative with your paneling since you are doing a manga; this medium allows you a lot of creative freedom. Like the Eva graphic novels - Sadamoto-san made some really nice panels there (many different shapes and sizes). Some can be layered on top of each other. #1

I don't recommend putting more than 6 panels per page. Be creative with where and how you arrange your panels on everypage. Having a storyboard to plan how you want the story to flow is very helpful when you draw the actual manga (I even use this one on my 3-panel comic strips!).

Well... hope I helped. :D (Big Grin)
Wow! Manga! :D (Big Grin) Awesomely done! Great poses and stuff! *Loves!*
hey! the transition of panels looks great!!!!!!! i luve this one but i kinda not the panels... i advise you put some thick black panel lines around every panel... hope this helps..
cuuute!! good anatomy ^_^
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