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like old times by bluestraggler like old times by bluestraggler
Nyaaoo~ Couldn't help but do a quickie of reno and tseng (yes, that's tseng!! *gasp, shudder*) based on my friend akiko's fic which she's sending me as a x'mas prez. Akiko and i believe that they both started out in SOLDIER first and worked their way up to finally become Turks. That's my idea of how the 2 of 'em looked like when they're about 19, when they're both still in SOLDIER. Best buddies, they were. *happy sigh* Oh, right then reno hasn't acquired his scars yet. Of course tseng changed helluva lot in *counts* some 8 years u_u. I guess he looks real different here cuz of the bangs and wide grin. ^^;; I miss happy tseng. *sigh*
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Pet-Project Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2005
Happy Tseng (Notice how that's how most people are refering to Pre-Turk Tseng as "Happy Tseng"? -snicker- I find that funny for some reason.-) reminds me of someone. . . but I can't put my finger on just who he reminds me of. . .

Oh well, it's a very cute picture. Another favorite too. x3 (I just like your art too much!)
miyamashi Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Tseng looks like's actually kind of scary! Reno's hair is interesting when it's short! I wonder what happened between them...hmmmm...
leanora Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2003
You drew Tseng... *glomps Tseng*
We all miss happy Tseng, but, his career is important to him in a way that's almost inhuman. I think it's a ShinRa thing.
happyturk Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
Haha, I commented twice. I'm dumb- I meant to thread that onto the first one as an addition. Let's make it three!
happyturk Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2003
I miss happy Tseng too. Not like he can't still be happy sometimes, but you know. Leadership has its drawbacks.
happyturk Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2003

They're so... happy. Funny how Reno hasn't changed all that much since this 'era', by comparison- a little more jaded, maybe, but still as devilish as ever. But I like this- I like anything that gives these characters the history and humanity they deserve.

alisa Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2003
i like this is very good so keep up the good work & i would like to see more of your artwork & so see ya
xelene Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2003
whoa this looks nice..I luuv emotions on their faces..
muquie Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2003
UBER-COOOL! I never saw this..I think it was back when DA wouldnt show deviations from my watch list X.X
madhatter-asylum Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2002
Renoooo! *huggles the cute red head*
I doo wonder where Reno got his scars from though...
Dudes... By the way... I have Sephiroth's official journal!
A friend of mine went to a convention a waysss ago and provided me with the lovely info...
and Lucretia isn't pronounced Loo-cree-she-ah
It's prounounced Loo-kra-see-yah
Just letting you know...
Well at least... that's how the square people pronounced it!
bluefrost Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2002
I like, I like! This really does look like them if they were younger! I could totally see Tseng changing like that when he became leader of the Turks. Nice job.
staccato Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2002
Oh so cute ^______^
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